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How do I use Call Waiting?

Call Waiting alerts you to an incoming call - with a soft beep - when you are already on the line and allows you to answer the second call after putting the first call on hold.

How To Use Call Waiting:

  1. You will hear a short beep during a phone call. A reminder beep will be heard ten seconds later if the waiting call remains unanswered. Only you hear this beep, while the caller hears normal ringing.
  2. To answer the second call without ending the first call, press and release the receiver or "flash" button quickly. The first call will be put on hold and you will be connected to the second call.
  3. To return to the first call, press and release the receiver button quickly again. You can switch back and forth between the two calls as often as you want by repeating this step. Each conversation is private and cannot be heard by the other caller.
  4. To terminate either call, hang up and your other call will automatically ring back.


If a call is too important to be interrupted, you can use Tone Block to temporarily deactivate Call Waiting**. When you hang up, Call Waiting is automatically reactivated. See Tone Block for more information.

If two calls are on a line at one time, additional callers will hear a busy signal.

**Three-Way Calling is required to use Tone Block while already on a call.