Voice Mail lets callers leave messages whether your phone line is available or busy (it works like an answering machine only better because it accepts messages even when you are on the phone). Plus, Voice Mail is ideal if you do not want to buy or maintain your own equipment. Some of the standard benefits of Voice Mail include:

  1. Enhance Your Accessibility - With Voice Mail, callers can always leave messages - when you are on the phone, when your computer is accessing the Internet, even when there is a power outage or your phone line is out of order.
  2. Improve Your Communications - With Voice Mail, callers can communicate with you around the clock and you can access Voice Mail (to record greetings, check messages, etc.) at anytime from a touchtone phone located anywhere.
  3. Ensure Caller Confidentiality - Since Voice Mail is password-protected, callers can leave even the most complicated or sensitive information safely and securely.
  4. Receive Superior Messages - With Voice Mail, messages are left in the caller's own voice and are more detailed, accurate, and private than written messages.
  5. Easy To Use - With Voice Mail, system prompts instruct you how to set up your mailbox, personalize your password, record a greeting, and retrieve messages.
  6. More Options - Voice Mail gives you more flexibility when playing messages with rewind, forward, repeat, and pause selections.
  7. No Expensive Equipment - Since Voice Mail is network based at SCTC, there is no equipment to repair, replace, or take up space.

Voice Mail from Laurel Highland Telephone Company is available as a single mailbox..

Single Mailbox With a single traditional mailbox, all incoming Voice Mail messages are directed to one mailbox. You establish a unique password for this mailbox. Then, all members of your family or business, who know the associated password, have access to all messages delivered to the general mailbox. Single mailboxes are available in 30 and 45 minute versions (that is, the mailbox can store up to 30 or 45 minutes worth of new and/or saved messages respectively).

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