Automatic Call Back

Automatic Call Back allows you to easily get through to a busy line. When you reach a busy signal, you can activate Automatic Call Back and your line will keep dialing that busy phone number for up to thirty (30) minutes. A special ring will notify you when the busy line becomes available and, when you pick up the handset, you will automatically be connected to your party.

How To Activate Automatic Call Back:

  1. Hang up on a busy signal*.
  2. Lift handset again and listen for dial tone.
  3. Press *66 on a touchtone telephone**.
  4. Listen for an announcement confirming that your service has been activated***.
  5. Hang up and wait for a special ring to notify you when the busy line becomes free.
  6. Lift handset to answer special ring and automatically connect to your call.

*Or, without hanging up, press and release the receiver button quickly (a "link" or "flash" key on your telephone may be used instead). Then listen for dial tone and proceed to Step 3.

**Or dial 1166 on a rotary telephone.

***To cancel your Automatic Call Back request, lift the handset and listen for dial tone. Then, press *86 on a touchtone telephone (or dial 1186 on a rotary telephone). Listen for a confirmation tone and then hang up.


This service does not work on 800 phone numbers, 900 phone numbers, phone numbers outside the specified service area, or on lines where Call Forwarding and some other custom calling features have been activated.